Czech courses

Public courses of all levels, conversation courses, individual and particular courses




Courses for beginners, inter-mediate and advanced students take place in small groups.

For all levels we use our own teaching material (printed as well as audiotapes), and we stress the communication. We also use up-to-date documents (eg. radio recordings or newspaper articles).

Our goal is to connect the language teaching with the understanding of the Czech society.

Czech language courses for beginners are aimed at especially French speaking people, for the courses are in Czech, as well as French. It is an ideal solution for vocabulary explanation and grammar (not much time is wasted) without using a third language (sometimes can be misleading). Thanks to this approach students may have similar problems with understanding of specific expressions or constructs (which can happen in groups of students of several mother tongues)



Winter trimester 2012/2013

8th October 2012 – 1st February 2013


Beginners: Thursdays 18:00 – 20:00, price 4 500 CZK

A1 level: Thursdays 18:00 – 20:00; price 4 500 CZK


If you are interested in some other language levels, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also preparing the Initiation Czech courses. These courses will be held in the morning/afternoon hours. The time will be determined. If you would like to participate in such a course, please send us your requirement to our e-mail address.



Innovation – “private” courses 

During the year it is possible to organize the course which is open only to some kind of people with the same level of knowledge (friends, colleagues, former students etc.) and to adapt not only the hours/days of lessons but also the pedagogical content. This format is convenient for 2 - 3 persons.  



More information on different levels you will find at following link: „Reference to the levels of French knowledge“.



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